Samsung UK Ireland EXPRESS (Source B)

Delivery Time: Instant-24Hours

NCK: Network Unlock Code

MCK/Defreeze: Unfreeze Code

SPCK: Service Provider Code


We can only refund you if wrong code supplied. 
No refund for your network and device issue.

Before Order, Please Check Unlock Counter:

  • If counter is NOT 0, You can unlock your phone via code.
  • If counter is 0 left, your counter is locked and unlocking via this code is not possible. 
    (Broken GDFS, too many wrong codes, 0 Code Entry Left)
    We will not be able to help you with this. Non-refundable even with video proof!


If your phone has the firmware version/baseband that is not supported, you may be required to downgrade the firmware in order to unlock.

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